How Luqman Made $4K+ with His Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Case Study

I love reading cases studies. Do you?

When I read the case study of Luqman Khan and how he made more than 4K dollars with his five months old Amazon Niche Site, it left me thrilled. After this, I felt the need to feature him on my blog too. To which, he happily agreed.

I have asked him quite a few questions which people regularly search for when building Amazon Niche sites. Read the answers to the question I asked him below. 


How Luqman made 4K$ with his Amazon Niche Site

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1.Hey Luqman, Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Luqman Khan and I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I am 21, student of Computer Science and Internet Marketer by Profession.

Also, I used to be a WordPress Freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork.

2.What is your story? How did you end up blogging and affiliate marketing?

I started with PTC ad clicking in 2013. I landed on PTC business from an ad which was saying “Make money by clicking”. That PTC site was a scam, so, I never received the money I made there, but I got an idea that “Making money online” might be possible from other sources.

So, I research and ended up as a WordPress freelancer on as “WP” belongs to my studying area. While working as a WP Freelancer, I mastered the art of Theme Customization and Enhancing User Experience. One day, I received an order from Amazon Affiliate Marketer, who asked me to fix some issues on his “Affiliate Site”.

While reviewing the site, I found some links to Amazon and I quickly realised that he must be making money off it.

Again, I researched and found “Amazon Associate Program”. Further research took me to CloudLiving and various other blogs. That is how I got started on Affiliate Marketing.

3.Why Amazon Niche sites and no other Niche Sites (E.g. AdSense based Niche Sites, Clickbank)

As a WordPress Expert, website looks matters a lot to me.

And when it comes to AdSense niche sites, I hate their ads.

Screenshot of

In order to make money out of it, one required installing ads inside content and here and there, which makes the site “shittier” and I really don’t want my sites to look “shittier”, that’s why I prefer sticking with Amazon Affiliate.

Why not clickbank?

Who said that I don’t work with clickbank? I have a Paleo niche site and I am monetizing it only with Clickbank. In fact, I am generating a 4-figure monthly income through clickbank and my paleo subscriber list is about 40k.

So, yeah I do work with Clickbank too.

4.Tell us about some of your successful niche sites.

I have written a detailed case study on one my successful Authority Site ( on NichePie.

In total, I own 5 Micro Niche sites and 2 Authority sites. One of my Authority site is already public and the other one is on Paleo Niche. I will public it as soon as I will start writing on “Clickbank”.

5.Can you explain in short how you exactly do the 4 important stages of Niche Site Building?

1. Niche and Keyword Selection

Niche and Keyword Selection is not that hard when you are used to it. By the way, I always prefer to write on something you are passionate about.

Even, all of my niche sites are on Tech and Gadgets Niche, and that’s the perfect match for me…

When it comes to keyword research, I really don’t see the competition.

Most of the times I generate keywords myself with a simple formula:


​2. Content Creation

Content creation is my speciality. I actually hired writers for writing content but I do the proof-reading and content organizing job myself.

Most of my niche sites have only “ONE” money article and that’s one article based on the “Top 10” List.

I choose the “top 10” product in my niche and write a detailed (5k+ words) article on it. When it comes to organizing the article, I start with an incredible introduction and a comparison table.

After that, I include reviews of the top 10 chosen products and then in the last, a Buyer’s Guide which includes the parameters of that product type.

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​3. Link Building

All of my micro niches blogs based on “TimeRoid Technique”, so the only link building technique I use for my niche blogs are Comments, Web 2.0s and Guest Posts.

There are few niche sites which based on PBNs Too (Although I don’t recommend anyone to use PBNs).

But when it comes to “Authority Sites”, I do only WhiteHat link building. My most favorite techniques for white hat link building are Guestographics, Guest Posts, Scholarship and Experts Roundup.

How Luqman made 4K$ with his Amazon Niche Site

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4.Optimisation for Conversion

To monetize the money article, I include about 40 Affiliate links in the article.

The main purpose of affiliate links is to insert the cookie into visitor’s browser and if your visitor hit any of the affiliate buttons, your job is done.

First of all, I include a comparison table which includes top 10 products of that article and a comparison of their main parameters and “buy now” button. And that comparison table provides me the best conversion rate.

After that comparison table I include the affiliate link in each product’s Title, Image and in the buy now button after each review.

6.Can Newbies make these niche sites or they need experience?

Amazon Niche sites are the best option to make money out there for NEWBIES.

It is the easiest yet effective way. To be honest, I regret that why I didn’t start my career with NICHE SITES…

So, YES! You don’t require any experience to start a niche site. Just find some informational articles and follow their techniques.

7.What is your take on using PBNs?

PBNs are good but not friendly to Newbies. There is a lot goes into them and they are extremely costly. I used the PBNs in the past, but am no longer using them. Also am taking off all of my niche sites to original backlinks and will completely get off PBNs in 2017.

So, in the end, I don’t recommend PBNs to anyone. They are extremely costly and extremely risky.

8.How much you are earning and what you do with all that money?

My average earning of 2016 is about $9k.

I am earning about $3-4k from the micro niche sites and $5k from Authority sites on Average.

Re-Investing on Authority sites and creating my very first “Dropshipping Store”. Other than that, I am also working on a custom marketing tool.

9. You recently started a blog. What type of content do we hope to see in the future?

Yeah… NichePie, Right?

Well, I am not going to post regularly because of no-time, but you can expect 1 post a month at least.

Other than that, I absolutely believe in QUALITY, not in QUANTITY.

All of my micro niche sites have no more than 7 pages indexed in Google and all of those ranking in top 10. Also, one of my public Authority site (10Beasts) have no more than 20 pages indexed in Google and making 4-5 figure income. I generated more than $18k in the 5-months of time period from 10beasts.

So, you can expect the QUALITY posts from NichePie.

Each and every post will be detailed, and to the point. No bull shit!

The content will include Case Studies, Experiments and How-To Guides.

10.What you do apart from blogging? Any hobbies?

Well, other than blogging, I love gaming and food.

I used to play Dota, Counter Strike and League of Legends.

11.What are your future goals?

Alright, I want to learn Facebook Paid Marketing firstly.

I tried to create a Dropshipping store in March 2016 but failed due to lack of the knowledge in Paid Marketing.

So, learning paid marketing is my first goal.

Other than that, I am going to launch a custom tool in 2017 and currently working on it.

Grow the 10beasts, I am hardly getting time to work on it. So, hopefully in this month, I will hire few freelancers from Upwork and assign each one of them a different task.

These are my 3 main goals for 2016 and 2017.

12.Can you throw some light on infographics and its importance currently?

Infographic is the easiest way to gain some attention from Big Bs… They do converts for email outreach very well as compared to text content.

Brian Dean is the founder of “Guestographics”, the easiest technique for link building using TimeRoid Technique. Also Tung has created a video tutorial for Guestographics which makes it way more easy to learn.

13.Lastly can you share some expert tips or hacks regarding creating niche sites and making it successful?

The best hack for niche sites which I found useful to me is TimeRoid.

As I mentioned above, I got 5 micro niche sites and 3 of them are ranking only because of TimeRoid and few backlinks from comments and web 2.0s and that’s all!

Even my first successful niche site was based on TimeRoid and it motivated me enough to create 5 more sites using the same technique. Other than that, I sold 2 of those sites in a handsome amount of money.

On the other hand, white-hat link building works but that’s really a time consuming thing.

When I was a newbie, “Case Studies” were the most beneficial resources to me. Nothing is more powerful than a case study to learn from.

If you have any other queries regarding Amazon Niche sites please leave it below in the comments section. I will request Luqman to answer those asap. Hope you loved the article .

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How Luqman made 4K$ with his Amazon Niche Site

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  1. Hi!

    Great interview and some great tips! I actually discovered Amazon Associates the same way, was working on some bug fixes for a clients WP Amazon niche site and after i had finished the job found myself signing up on Amazon to be part of the program.

    I know you said you mainly stick with the Tech & Gadget niche, Do you have a product *hot list* for 2017? i mainly stick with products that are of a minimum $50 because of the % Rate.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hey Conor,
      I definitely gonna change all of the lists in 2017. Not the whole article but few ups and downs.
      It is obvious that the best products of 2016 won’t be the best in 2017.. Right?

  2. i must say sexy and honest interview.

    i learn so many thing .. i am newbie and start adsense niche but after reading this article i must start one more niche site.

    • Hey Praneet,
      I don’t use API at all.
      Just insert your affiliate link to the images and text you want and make sure to include the disclaimer on the page.
      That’s all.. Cheers

  3. Oh, yes, I enjoy reading case studies and success stories.
    I think, the most important point of this article is “It is the easiest yet effective way. To be honest, I regret that why I didn’t start my career with NICHE SITES…”

    I belive, it is never too late to get started!

  4. Hey man nice articles and good job on your earnings reports your doing very well. i think if that earnings report spanned the whole of 2016 im sure it would have been way higher,. I currently have a few sites that are not ranking anywhere and i have affiliate products on and amazon links but even at number 5 i am not making money. what do you think is the most important aspect of kicking off a site do you think its the amount of wording that helps or is it the links your getting from white hat sources

  5. Thank for your great post. I already read lukman case-study. He is Really great person, and he helping people by his honest case study. i am getting inspire from him.
    And thanks admin for a great interview….

    Best regards

  6. I don’t even understand how I stopped up right here, but I believed this publish was
    good. I don’t recognise who you might be however certainly you’re going to a
    well-known blogger if you happen to are not already.


  7. Very inspiring! Hope to achive similar heights as you, Luqman! Can you please tell how you were finding blogs and forums for commenting? Like a specific “formula” you enter into Google or something? Would be very thankful!

    Best Regards,

  8. salam luqman,
    I follow all your steps and working like a charm but you did not write any tutorial on web 2.0 backlinks how to build plz help me to that i make many web 2.0 but did not get any success thanks

  9. Besides content its all about high authority backinks to rank on top in google and how these backlinks can do wonder to your earnings even if the content is mediocre. By the way thanks for this case study.

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