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I'm a blogger from India,a place where English is always treated as a  second language. Even if you study in an English Medium School, there is a minor chance that you will be highly proficient in the language.

But as bloggers, we need to write content that is free of grammatical error and spelling mistakes. And if your audience is mainly from US and UK then it becomes a must. The simple reason is because that they speak English all the time.

The content is what attracts your visitors and turns them into loyal readers.​

What if I told you there is a magical tool that will proof-read your work? Grammarly is a freemium tool for proofreading articles, books,chapters and blog posts. Check my Grammarly Review to know more about the product and its features.

I am a big fan of Grammarly and I have been using it since I started my blogging journey in 2012.​


Why does your content need to be free of grammatical mistakes?

You may have a question in mind as to why your content needs to error free. Back in the early days of blogging I also used to feel the same. Was it for Google? Do ranking increase if your content is free of typos and spelling mistakes?

No. It is for you and your readers. If you are serious about blogging, then you must know that content is what represents your blog. If you want your blog to reach new heights, your content should shine from the crowd.

Grammarly Review - Is it the best Grammar Checker Tool  @blogrags

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It also has the following benefits as mentioned below-

  • Higher SEO Rankings 
  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Higher engagement

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a freemium tool which is considered to be the World's Best Online Grammar Checker Tool that proofreads your content. This tool was launched back in 2009.

It analyses your content and shows you the mistakes according to rules fed into their database. These errors can be from silly spelling mistakes to missing punctuation marks. Grammarly backs you in such a way that you don't make stupid typos again.

According to the Wikipedia, there are over 250 rules Grammarly checks to find mistakes in your post.

It is easily the best tool for any blogger or a freelance writer. Even students can take benefit of the tool while writing essays or assignments. For example, professional writers at Trust My Paper tend to use this tool to write quality academic papers as well.

How to use Grammarly?

There are several methods to use Grammarly to keep a check on your content. If you do a lot of writing online then you can easily install an extension on your favourite browser. All popular browsers are supported including Chrome and Firefox.

The plugin will check for errors whenever you write a mail, or when you are updating your status on Facebook. It covers all popular places where you need to write something long.

If you work a lot on MS Word, then you will be happy to know that there is a stand alone extension for especially for Word. You can easily setup by installing a software which you can easily download from their official website.

Lastly, you can use their web version to check your content for mistakes. You can quickly paste the content and then check for any errors, fix them and copy it back.

Plans and Pricing - Grammarly

Grammarly offers you with a free subscription and a paid one. The free plan limits you with 150 critical grammar and spelling mistakes.

If you opt for the paid option, get some extra features. It includes an additional advanced grammar and spelling checks. It also includes a plagiarism checker and also suggestions for vocabulary enhancement.

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The premium version will cost you 11.69$ per month if  you pay annually. If you choose a monthly plan it will cost you a whopping 29$ per month. You can avail a special 20% discount by following this link

I won't recommend the Premium plan to anybody who is looking Grammarly for a light use. If you are a blogger or a writer or anybody who does a lot of writing then you should opt for the premium plan for full utilisation and productivity.

Grammarly also has a 7-day money back guarantee so you can easily try out the product without worrying about your money.

An important thing to note is that even if you use the free version you can use both the extension and the web version without any restrictions. The MS plugin for PC is only available to the premium users.

Features of Grammarly

Let us look at the different features of Grammarly. It is recommended you use Grammarly once to take a look at the features yourself. In this way, you will get a better picture of the product.


Correct grammar is important for any language. If you want your readers to exactly know what you are trying to convey through your words, your grammar must be proper.

It can quickly show grammatical mistakes by checking its database consisting of hundreds of rules. The best part of the tool is that not only does it highlight the part with the error but also suggests you a proper replacement for the part of the sentence.

This helps you post to shine, and it makes your post free of unnecessary words which you would have otherwise included in your post.


We easily forget to include commas and dots at key areas. Many don't care about punctuation marks but it is quite important as it plays a very important role to describe what you want to say .

Let's take an example to see the importance of a punctuation mark.

Let's eat kids. (Means to eat kids)
Let's eat, kids. (Telling kids to eat)

You can clearly see in the above example the importance of a silly comma which you easily ignore in your post. 

With the help of the tool, you will easily figure out where to put a punctuation mark and where not to.

While it may not be important for a regular blogger but it is crucial for a student who writes essays and submit projects to their teachers for evaluation. This way you can easily score better and get higher grades.

3.Sentence Structure

Are you unable to structure out sentences?. Don't worry Grammarly helps you to do the same. It is very fast in detecting if there are any mistakes in your sentence and suggests you a quick one click fix.

Install Grammarly today and be free of worries you take about the quality of your content.

4.Vocabulary Enhancement (Premium Only)

This is one of the coolest features of Grammarly. The function checks for the words you have used again and again. After the scanning process, it will suggest you with words which have the same meaning. You can easily replace the word with the suggested one.

This ensures your article pleases your readers. You can click on the feature by clicking on the left-hand side toggle button.

Unfortunately this feature is only available to premium users.​

Grammarly Review - Is it the best Grammar Checker Tool @blogrags

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Ankit Singla

Grammarly does what it promises; I was blown by the kind of errors that it picks up in an article. The best part is it even gives us an explanation how something is wrong, why it is wrong and how to correct it. Never saw such an excellent tool in my blogging career.

5.Plagiarism Checker (Premium Only)

Plagiarism Checker is another amazing feature of Grammarly.

Google loves original content.​ This tool makes sure you have the same.

You may have writers working under you. To make sure the content is original the Plagiarism Checker helps you never publish a copied content.

You can enable the option from the left sidebar. It checks about 8 billion pages and compares your content for any duplicate content. 

If you are looking for any other online grammar checker tool then you must check Grammar Lookup Tool.

Grammarly Usage

After the pricing and features let us see how easily you can correct your mistakes using Grammarly. I have briefly explained earlier what platforms you can use Grammarly. Now let's go in-depth.

​1.Using the Extension (Download)

Both premium and free users can take benefit of the Grammarly browser extension. You can easily install the Grammarly extension on most popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

After installing the extension you need to login into your account to start things up. After installing the extension it will automatically check the text you write. 

It underlines the text which it thinks has an error. The normal issues are highlighted in red colour and the advanced issues in yellow colour. When you click on the circle, it opens a window where you can easily make the changes.

If you don't see any errors in the window, it means you don't have any mistakes. Not only does Grammarly check for spelling mistakes and punctuation marks but also check for the voice of the sentence. It will tell you if you have used passive voice instead of active.

You have different options in the correction window. You can also know more about the mistake. This will show you the rule being used here so you can understand better.

Grammarly can be very annoying sometimes so can also ignore an error. You can also add some words which you use on a regular basis to your Grammarly account.

You can also play with what fields you want to keep a check. Let's say you do not want to check spelling mistakes then you turn that feature off. You can change the document type to casual, business and school to make Grammarly more useful.

2.Web Version of Grammarly

While using the Grammarly extension is the best option for you there are alternatives as well. You can also use the web version of Grammarly in places where you won't be able to use the extension.

First, you need to create a free account on Grammarly. The web version works for both free and premium users.

After you, login , your dashboard would look like something as shown below. You click on the new button and paste your content to check for mistakes. The best part is that all the documents you write or paste get saved on your account automatically.

The process of correction is same as what you get in the extension. By using this method you can easily correct your articles on the go.​

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Grammarly Review - Is it the best Grammar Checker Tool  @blogrags

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3.Grammarly Add-on for Microsoft Products

If you use MS Products a lot and don't want to break your workflow by copying content, correcting and then to paste it back, then you can use the Grammarly Add-on for MS.

The only disadvantage is that it is only available for premium users.

Installing the extension is very simple. First, you need to download the setup file from their official website and then install it on your computer. 

After a successful install, you will see a new Grammarly Tab in your Microsoft Products like Outlook and Word. Grammarly is compatible with all popular versions of Word.

Unlike the browser extension, the checking is not automatic. You need to click the Enable Grammarly button to start things off. A thing to notice is that Ctrl+Z does not work after you use Grammarly plugin.

I also notice that MS Word plugin is a little on the slower side and also makes the software unresponsive sometimes.​


Everyone who has to write for other people will love this tool. This includes people who write on blogs, ghostwriters, website writers, employees, business owners, and anyone who wants to write well on the Internet or social media.

Can Grammarly replace a Human Proof Reader?

You may have a question a mind. Is Grammarly as good as a Human ProofReader? Sadly not.

Grammarly is nowhere near to replace a Human Proofreader. It can easily ignore many of your mistakes mainly any fictitious writing. You can't be sure that your content is free of any mistakes by only checking with Grammarly.

So you can't rely on Grammarly for writing books or for some big projects. You need a human proofreader for sure.

Pros and Cons of Grammarly


  • It is free to use.
  • Packed with features 
  • Useful for non-native English speakers and new writers
  • User Friendly


  • The premium plan is too pricey
  • Not a replacement for a human proofreader or an education
  • No option to change the spelling from US to UK.

Alternatives to Grammarly

What if you don't like Grammarly? Are they any alternatives?

Yes, there are many alternatives, but none are close to Grammarly regarding features and accuracy.

​After the Deadline - This is perhaps the best alternative to Grammarly. It made by Automattic.

It is very useful if you want to check for small grammar or spelling mistakes. It can be only used online. You essentially need to first paste the text in the box and then click on the Check Writing button to start the process. - This one is an online spelling checker tool. You will be easily able to correct silly mistakes and some vocabulary errors.

The interface is same as that of After the Deadline. It comes very handy for the last minute content checks.

Paper Rater - ​It is yet another free online grammar and plagiarism checker. It has a very clean and easy to use interface. I highly recommend this to the new bloggers and freelance writers.

It also provides you with you writing suggestions to improve your writing. The best part it doesn't require to signup or downloads. It is 100% hassle free. It checks about 10 billion documents to check the originality of your content.

Final Verdict

I am using Grammarly for the past 2 years and it easily my favourite blogging tool. It comes very handy for me and saves me a ton of time while writing each post. The features of Grammarly just stand out and can't be compared with any other tool in the market.

The most interesting part is that you can also use the tool for free if you won't use it too often. It is also handy for any students too for their assignment work and also for essays. It is handy for writing resumes and applications to avoid weird circumstances.

It is clear that the premium version is on the pricey side if you choose a monthly plan. The tool is recommended to every blogger and freelancer. Try out Grammarly now and I surely feel you will just love it. No other proofreader comes near Grammarly in terms of features and accuracy.

My Ratings ​-

Grammarly Review - Is it the best Grammar Checker Tool @blogrags

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​Do you use any other proofreader? Please share in the comments below. If you have some queries and question feel free to drop them below or via mail. I would love to help you out.

Thanks and have a great Sunday 😀 . An awesome case study and a round-up post coming soon.​ Check  BlogRags for awesome tips and tricks.

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I am using Grammarly for the past 2 years and it easily my favourite blogging tool. It comes very handy for me and saves me a ton of time while writing each post. The features of Grammarly just stand out and can't be compared with any other tool in the market.

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  1. What I would is yes, Grammarly works pretty good. But I am not a native speaker of English, and sometimes I feel confused, ’cause I’m not sure whether I sound as a native speaker.
    I mean, that it’s not enough to check grammar.
    btw, do you learn English in school in India? Do Indian people speak English fluently?
    In my country everyone thinks they are fluent in English, but the fact is 90% of people cannot put two sentences together without crying!

  2. Great review, Impressed with the review. Am a regular user of Grammarly and using a premium tool. It’s a magical tool not only fix our typo & grammar mistakes. It saves lots of time and as well as can improve writing skills faster. Very useful for students, bloggers, content writers and much more. Thanks, Himanshu Gupta! For sharing a excellent review..

  3. Hi Bro,

    Grammarly is a great help for most of us. Sometimes, when we make mistakes unknowingly, Grammarly helps to identify and correct it. So, a lot of time is saved there. It’s a great online tool.

    Thank you.

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