How to attract Backlinks from Link RoundUps ( A Complete Guide)

The number #1 problem people face these days is in Link Building.

Do you agree?

If yes, then this post might be a life-saver for you.

Most people suck at Link Building, even I did few years back. People don’t know beyond guest posting or comment link-building.

In this post I will share the complete guide using which you will be able to attract links using Round Ups.

What you will learn after reading this post?

  • How to create a Link RoundUp Post for your blog
  • Email Outreach
  • Getting your posts in Weekly or Monthly RoundUps
  • Gaining strong backlinks using RoundUp
  • Tips to get more shares and traffic


What is a Link Roundup?

RoundUp means a gathering of people.

So if you are looking to attract links using Roundups you can do it two main ways.

1. Influencer or Expert RoundUp - Creating your own roundup.

Example - 37 Online Marketing Experts share their Best Blogging Tools

2. Weekly or Monthly Post RoundUp - You can reach out to sites who publishes Rounudps. It can be monthly or weekly.

Example - Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

I will link some examples above so you can understand better.

How will a Roundup help?

  • Building a connection-It helps you to connect with Influencers in your niche. You can leverage this connection to get guest posts , testimonials and much more.
  • Create a buzz - Helps people to know your blog.
  • Social Shares - Roundups tend to create a lot of shares. People still tweet my Roundup post. Though it was created a year back. One of my Roundup generated about 1.9 k shares. Ya you read that correct.
  • Link Building - If you’re roundup is really planned and performs well, it can help you to create a lot of links.

Let’s dive into the process of creating such successful Roundups.

Who is Link Roundups for ?

  • New Blogs- Roundups works well for new blogs as well. It helps you get the initial boost in your industry. Don’t be afraid in reaching out to bloggers , most of them will contribute as they get a free link. Who doesn’t like a free link 😛
  • Established Blo​gs
  • Startups and Service based sites

4 Steps of Creating your own Expert RoundUp

  • Idea
  • Finding your prospects
  • Outreaching to the Influencers
  • Promotion

I have briefly explained the steps below so you can understand better. If you have further issues you can always comment below in the comments section or in my Private Facebook Group.

#1. Idea

The topic idea is the key to a successful Roundup. Don’t think of copying other’s idea. You can take inspiration from the posts but copying won’t help.

You can just Google your keyword + " Expert Roundup" to find other roundups. You can play around with words to find more.

Well, there is sadly no exact method to find an idea that will work well. You need to choose such a topic that-

1. Topic is controversial - Sometimes these topic tends to attract a lot of attention.

2. Solves reader’s problem - Do a survey or something to find what actually they are interested in reading .

3. Trends - Check the latest trends in your topic. You might find something interesting.

Make sure you spend enough time to choose the idea. It is the key 🙂 

Link-Roundups - The Complete Guide 

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#2. Finding your prospects

Finding prospects is the easy part. But make sure they are the correct ones. You can’t hope to get an answer about Internet Marketing from a Health blogger (unless you are Mark and Gael from Authority Hacker :p ).

There are many ways of finding  Influencers in your industry.

1. Finding an existing Roundup Post in your Industry - So if your niche is health. Just try to Google “Health Roundup Experts” and related keywords to find such roundups.

The advantage of this method is that you get lots people at one place. This way you save a lot of time. Moreover these people are more than likely to participate in your roundup as well.

2. Use Google - You can use Google to find the best blogs and influencer's in your industry. Just search for “Best Health Bloggers” or “Best Health blogs”.

Link-Roundups - The Complete Guide 

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3. DropMyLink - You can also use DropMyLink to find roundup. Its free.

Just make a free account. After that just enter your niche in the search and it will show you the results.

You can also find Forums and Blogs to comment. A very handy tool.

Just find such posts and make a list. 

Pro Tip - Make sure to create a Google Sheet and feed the details here. Also make a column for Email and Social Profiles. You should try to connect these people on their Social Media before sending a mail. This way you have a greater chance of receiving a reply.

The most popular question that people will surely ask is “ How many people I should reach out to ?”

So let’s say your aim is to 10 links, then you should reach out to at least 120 people.

Here’s the calculation -

This is just a hypothetical question.

Let’s say the response rate is 70% and people who will link to you is 15% on a average .

Then 120 people means 84 people will actually answer to your question. 15% of 84 is 12. 

Note- These numbers vary according to the niche and the way you outreach. If you are newbie then you have a little less chance of getting replies. So, it is very important to build a connection first before outreaching.

Link-Roundups - The Complete Guide 

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How to make your Email Outreach faster ?

#3. Outreaching to the Influencer's

Make sure to give at least 30-40 days to get the answer from your Influencers. I know you must be curious as to why so many days.

Most Influencers are quite busy. They need time , even if they have to spent only 20-30 mins in writing the answer. Of course mentioning the deadline is important, but accept late entries too.

The ideal time to outreach is 30-40 days before. Tell them to answer the question in 30 days.

So how do you outreach Influencers? Email or Social Media ?


This is the best way to reach out to Influencers is through Email. You can get success on Social Media too but not as much as Email. 

Finding the Email ID

For finding the email ids of the influencers you can either-

1.Check the contact page first , most of the time you will find the email id there. Also note that sometimes it is written as “ username[at] “. Just look around for this too. Mostly to avoid tools to extract emails from the site.

2.You can also use third party tools like Email Hunter or VoilaNobert. I personally love “Email Hunter” for multiple of reasons.

Its free to use. You get 100 searches per month.

The chrome extension make extracting email id a child’s play

It also helps you find multiple email address,so you contact the right person from a group of people.

But unfortunately you will find wrong one’s too there. Like 15 in an 100.

3. If you fail to get email address from their website, You can use Snovio to get email addresses. It actually takes out email from various sources including LinkedIn. I got more results on Snovio than I got on Email Hunter. But both will get you the job done.

After you get the mail id, format it on a Google Sheet or something with name and other details.

Email Outreach Template

There’s no fixed template or something. But as an example I am showing one below. Try to take inspiration from it and not copy it 🙂

Email Outreach Template

Hey [Name]

I am in love with your work. Especially your last post {Name of the post with Link} was really helpful and insightful.

Actually I need a favour. I am conducting a Roundup on my Blog, I would really like you to be a part of it.

The question is -

{Talk about any requirements, like length, last date of submission etc}

Looking forward to your answer. I’m sure that all my readers will definetly benefit from your answer.



There’s no fixed template or something. But as an example I am showing one below. Try to take inspiration from it and not copy it 🙂


1. Make sure you personalise the mail. Things like name and mentioning the post will help you get more replies . Influencers appreciates research.

2. Follow-up mails. It will help you get more replies. Wait for atleast 4 days before sending a follow-up. You also do a second follow-up if you don’t get a reply.

3. You also use a Google Sheet to track the responses. Organisation helps 🙂

#4. Promotion

This the key. What is the use of great content when there is no one to see it?


I will share some of my personal tips to get more shares and links .

  1. After publishing the roundup, ping all the influencers with the link. Ask them to share with their followers.
  2. Use social sharing buttons. Make it easy for your readers to share your stuff. 
  3. Use a Twitter “Tweet this” button. This tends to work great.
  4. You can always ask a link from the influencer after few weeks or a guest post (if he disagrees)

How to get your post on Link Roundups?

In the earlier part we talked about how you can create your Roundup and attract backlinks and readers using it.

Now we gonna talk about getting your article on Weekly or Monthly Roundups.

But there are some prerequisites you need to follow to get your articles on such Roundups.

  1. Your article must be top-notch. It should be in depth and the best out there.
  2. It should be something unique. Not the stuff people post everyday.
  3. Make sure your site looks good and brandable. The Domain Authority doesn’t matter much, but make sure the Editor’s first impression is good.

Depending on the site you aim the harder it will be to get your post in. So let’s get started -

1. Finding such roundups in your niche

Most niches you can find roundups but I can’t guarantee all. To find roundups the best place you can use is DropMyLink.

Make a free account on DropMyLink.

Enter a niche or a keyword. You can choose to see more than 10 results , great when you want to scrape the URLs.

From the category choose Link Roundups and then choose any footprints. You can try different footprints for more results.

Some footprints you can use directly on Google -

Your niche "link roundup"

Your niche “best articles of the week”

You will find many on DropMyLink.

 2. Contacting the person

Find the editor of the post. After you find him/her, try to connect using your Social Media profiles (LinkedIn recommended).

After you connect with the editor, try to send a personal email. Try not to be too pushy. Tell him/her why your article deserves the spot and how it is different.

Try to connect with as many editors you can. You won’t get a 100% success rate but it's worth the effort. Most of these pages have a high authority and you can always brag about it .

You would love to read - Influencer Marketing Definition


So the main thing is that Link Roundup helps you connect with the Influencers. This connection can help you to get many cool stuff including links.

The more the number of connections the better. It is also very useful for new blogs just getting started. But I will recommend to conduct a roundup when you have a significant number of posts like 10 or 15.

Thanks for reading.

I am really sorry for posting so less. I am trying to post more on here.

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Thanks 😉

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