How to build Micro Niche sites for Passive Income – The Complete Guide

Do you need quick money from blogging ?????

If your answer is YES, then you are at the correct page ????

When it comes to quick money, micro niche wins every time!

I have created various type of sites including Event niche sites, Affiliate niche sites, Long-term niche sites, etc. From my experience, Micro Niche Blogs can rank and bank faster than any other type of site.

Now you might be thinking Why and How you can do it the right way? Let's get into the nitty and gritty.



Founder, BlogRags

Faiz is a very good friend and when he reached out to me to share his “Step by Step by Guide - How he earns Money using Micro Niche Sites ” I couldn't say No.

Micro Niche sites have their own advantages -

1. They are easy to Create
2. Generates Revenue Faster
3. Easy to learn too

Hope you like the article and we planned a live case study too if enough people are interested. 

Thanks to Faiz for sharing this. 

Why Micro Niche sites?

Let me explain to you,

Usually, bloggers will say event blogging is best for newbies, and it can earn you quick money, but it’s not the case!

Events sites are on topics like Trending Topics, Holidays, Exam Results, Sports Events, etc. Most of these are quite difficult to rank.

Event blogs will rank for a short time (you’ll make money for that period only), and because events are always trending on Google ????, every news or excellent niche site will target them for sure.

Since they have the authority and just by posting an article on such keyword they will rank instantly, while in the case of micro niche site we will target one keyword which will be low competition and it will be evergreen too.

Since I’m sharing my technique, let’s come to the point. ????

The Preparation 

We are going to target one Keyword with an EMD (Exact Match Domain), which has low competition so that you can rank with out many backlinks. That’s why it’s so newbie friendly!

If you think, practically you might agree with me! That’s why I believe event blogging is like race until you found an event which is zero competition it is not going to work out for newbies while micro niche blogging is like targeting low hanging fruits.

According to Can I Rank-

Keyword domains still work, despite what Google says.

But wait, how to find almost zero competition keywords and rank them easily within few months?

Let’s get started with the strategy; I have divided this technique into three parts of SEO so that you can execute it from scratch.

I have divided the guide into three parts -

1. Technical SEO
2. On-Page SEO
3. Off-Page SEO

1. Technical SEO 

I always use WordPress Paid Themes & Free Plugins, which help me to stay safe. WordPress is very powerful and easy to use.

Top 3 Recommended Themes:

1. Newspaper Theme
2. Sahifa Theme
3. Genesis Themes

However, there are many free WordPress themes are there which you can you can use.

One good one is GeneratePress.

Some cool plug-in, I will recommend you to use with general plugins.

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

With the recent Google Updates, the On-Page Time is significant. The longer the visitor will stay on the Page the higher the page will rank.

Short Codes Plugin will help you do things like create buttons, divider, labels, etc. More than 50+ shortcodes are available.

2. Table of Contents Plus

This plugin will help your readers to navigate through the content. You must have seen a TOC on every Wikipedia page.

So let's say a user comes for only a specific thing then he can quickly go to that part of the page and read the content.

3. WP Review

If you are writing a review post, then this plugin is a life saver. It will show a star rating in the SERPs.

If you want to rank fast, then make sure your website loads fast enough.

After installing WordPress themes and plugin, I always compare my website speed with my competitors to make sure that my site is optimized correctly.

Website Navigation and Structure-

Make sure you are using an attractive and small logo for your website with a nice and seo friendly headline.

Now you might be thinking, what is a benefit of this website structure?
Example of a Website Structure

My HomePage usually targets the main keyword with 2500 words, due to this reason. I told you to use EMD domain. I have experimented with all type of domain and format. But this always seem to  work.

If want more evidence, you can visit any popular event site or micro niche site to see the same. You will see this structure only because it’s WORKS.

Also, remember to use H1 – one time, H2 two times and H3 unlimited times in your content. ​

Use the small size of images, which you can use with original full size without decreasing their quality and quantity. It will help you to make your website load faster.

Do you need to internal every content on all the post?

A Big YES!

You need to make your post permalink short and title long. Use the recent post widget and show all post url and title there. And add only essential pages in the menu bar. In content, interlink homepage in the first paragraph and keep changing the anchor text.

For further study and understanding the concept of Technical SEO, you should read this article -

2. On Page SEO

How to Select a Topic?

Select any topic, make sure that it’s compatible as per below-mentioned points.

1. Google AdSense Friendly
2. Zero Backlinks
3. Low-Quality Content or Tiny Content
4. Regular Traffic
5. Contextual Article

1.Google Adsense friendly

Our primary requirement is to make quick money. There are two types of keyword - one keyword will be CPM type, which is suitable for long-term sites since it will get you a good amount of traffic, second is CPC type, which will get you paid for clicks.

So, I always choose CPC based niches for micro niche sites so I get high CTR because Google never tells us you the exact CPC, so it's better if you target the USA (better CPC).

Now, what is CTR friendly keyword means?

Let me give you one example when you search any question on Google, you surf the site and get the answer and then you close the tab, while if you are looking for somthing to  download, you usually would find and click on the button for downloading right?

Read this article - 8 Tips to Increase Your Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate) and CPC (Cost Per Click)

Exactly, if you will select informative keyword then you will not get good CTR but if you choose actionable keyword wherein user must have to take some action after visiting your site.

Because in this way even 100 or 200 visits will give you clicks on your Google Adsense ads. Got it?

How To Pick Keyword from any Topics?

Now I will teach you how to find almost zero competition keywords. ????

Join our Free Webinar -

Join our free webinar; we will send you this type of keyword with such case studies actionable advanced techniques.

You have to create content which deserves the first position in Google. The longer, the better.

2. Zero Backlinks

If you want to rank fast and quick, then you should always pick keyword which rank with the help of. Backlinks so you can easily come on the first page.

                                                                         Source - Moz

People think to get links organically. But you should understand that not all types of content attracts links.

Even I saw some great links in form of forum comments, which is 100% natural but also replicable by anyone. Try to find backlinks that you can replicate.

3. Low-Quality Content or Tiny Content

Not all content needs to be long but why not try to make it in-depth, so Google can get you better rankings . Try to provide the best to your followers.

That’s the primary reason why I like writing in-depth extended contents. Because they help in ranking keywords easily, makes a significant difference.

4. Regular Traffic

Try to create a Google Sheet with all the keywords you want to target. Because in many cases, some keyword will never get you regular traffic so make sure to check the keyword in Google trends to confirm this.

5. Well Research Optimised Article

Last but not least!

That content should be actionable, which have only one goal that should be something like downloading, checking or viewing so that it leads users ultimately click on your ads. So if eventhere are 100 users per day, you will make min 3$ to 5$.

3. Off Page SEO

First make sure your site is out of sandbox ????. It's not recommended to start link building before the site is out of the sandbox.

Try sending some social signals on your website after publishing your first content. After the first post, add few more words of content and then start link building, probably after 1 month after launching the site.

If you target a low competition keyword then it will start rankings in 1 week or 1 month, but if you don't see so then try adding more content on your homepage and try posting relevant articles every week.

One of biggest mistake as a newbie I did was I didn’t checked backlinks manually, I just checked the number of referring domains and I started creating micro niche blog on it.

Later I would found that was biggest mistake I committed as most of these backlinks were contextual links from authority sites, which took almost a month to outrank (with extra investment on links).

1. Blog Commenting

Once your article starts showing up in the top 100 of Google, start making blog comments as soon as possible, try to mix them with nofollow and do follow. But make sure you don't have to comment on site with more than hundred outbound links and comment on those blogs where login is required!

Here is the anchor text various I’m using.

1. Homepage Title 50%
2. Naked URL 30%
3. Rest mix long tail

Read this article -

My Experience -

I always build do-follow blog comments first with the proper anchor text as it provides an extra advantage. Moreover you can build as many comments as you want. But, try not comment on site where there are already a lot of comments. Try to find blog using some Google search strings and try to be the first person to comment.

One of my micro niche blog ranked on first page within 15 days with only 20 do-follow blog comments (most of these time I was the 3rd or the 5th person to comment).

2. Social Signals

Share each and every content you publish on your social bookmarking sites including social media. You can use platforms like AddMeFast to get free social signals. Alternatively you can also buy services from Seoclerk.

My Experience- 

Social signals has a big impact in ranking a new site, as it helps Google understands that your content is getting popular / viral on the internet or not.

Create a profile on all the popular social media channels and bookmarking sites (make sure the domain authority is more than 70).

But to get more shares you can use or ask your friends or family members to share your content on different social media profile.

Using a Social Locker can help increase your shares on the regular basis.

3. Forum

You should participate in relevant forums, most of them are already high authority so the backlinks work same as a contextual link from a guest post.

Try to build a good profile before mentioning about your blog. Avoid being banned.

My Experience-

Always remember your first goal should be to get traffic on your new website. Otherwise all your effort will go to waste. So, first create an account on forums, communities and Q/A sites.

Try to understand the topics and the talk there.

Your targeted audience is definitely ask their questions which you can resolve and make loyal readers.

Quora, can be very useful in getting initial traffic.

4. Web 2.0 Link Building

Don’t use spin contents on web 2.0, make 1000 to 500 word articles and build some authority to these Web 2.0s by creating auto approve blog commenting here.

To read more about Web 2.0 Link Building -

5. Profile Links

Profile Links will help your site's backlinks look more natural since it gives you opportunity to build naked urls. But, some profile listing sites also have option to write content on their about your blog etc, so you can use that part for adding more keywords and getting more contextual links.

I have ranked many micro niches sites in one week, because of long and quality content. So, make sure to ​give your best.

Before creating any links for your micro niche, you should also look at your competitor’s link profile.

Most important backlink is contextual links, so make sure you replicate these links. You can get contextual link by Guest Post, PBN, Article Submission and Web 2.0.

After doing such activity I’m sure you will be rank! But do you do if you don't rank?

Repeat the process and keep posting relevant content on your blog. In some case, Google will sandbox your main keyword as other competitor has traffic on it and you are new with almost zero traffic.

You just need to get that initial traffic on your site using other keywords and your rankings will automatically increase.

Example - is a platform for companies and virtual teams to find and book curated online activities. We believe that the future of work is remote and like us, lots of teams are now remote and working from different geographies and spaces. Onsite is the perfect space to bond with your colleagues and enjoy fun activities together.


Hope you like the article. We'll be sharing a live case study soon.

Author Bio

Faiz is the Founder of He is also SEO Consultant, Digital Marketer and a Social Media Influencer.

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  1. Hey Himanshu Thanks for this article it’s of great help to all the growing bloggers. Am not a full time blogger but has worked on my previous site with around a 1.5 years that got messed up so started a new blog on the same niche which I had began my blogging days with

    • We are glad that you liked your work 🙂

      Here is the Facebook Group, wherein we are trying to solve each and every you ask even we are doing regular webinar for noobies!

  2. Another great article and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this. Just opened by Facebook and Faiz has posted about his guest post article, so I knew it was worth reading. A pro blogger can only give such advice to newbie and share his knowledge. Very nicely written

    Well in your 3rd point

    3. Low Quality Content or Tiny Content

    According to the research done by experts there is no fix words a blog article should have, there is no where written to go for 6000 words or more, if you are giving quality over quantity, google will recognise you. Even articles with 800-1000 words are ranking on top if compared to 2000 words. It all depends on which information Is being provided with quality content.

    Rest have patience, keep gaining knowledge, follow other bloggers footsteps, ask them what mistakes they did so you don’t commit those too.

    • Thank you bro for appreciating our work 🙂

      Actually, in point number 3, you must have to show tiny contents in informational content, tutorial content or opinion posted on the web 2.0, forum, Q/A sites or even in news site or big site.

      Like if you see download type of page or top 10 type of page. many websites just post name or downloading box with file information and that’s a good advantage we can take being a blogger.

      I remember, backlinko posted the same case study on youtube, which known as skyscrapers technique – and here we are actually following the same method 🙂

  3. One of the interesting topic i love is building micro sites. But one should pick low hanging fruits (Keywords) to rank or he/she will literally fail like others. Zero backlinks only for low competition keywords.

    • Thank you for appreciating Abdullah 🙂

      Stay tuned with us, our next webinar will be on exactly how to find those keywords (low hanging fruits) 😉

  4. Hello Himanshu,

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    I’m also a blogger but some points were new to me.
    I also learned some great things.

    I would love to meet you in person one day.


  5. What a beautiful article. I was planning to start another blog and while searching for the niche, I come across this post. Seriously, you clear my doubts. Thanks for writing this guide on Blog Niche.

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