My ToolBox – Best Tools for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

Here's a List of Top Tools you should use as Internet Marketer or a Blogger.

People are hesitant when it comes to use Tools and stuff.

I know the feeling, back in 2015 I wouldn't buy tools and use them. I thought it was too pricey or they were really not necessary.

But come to 2018 and I can't live with tools, be it paid or free. Choosing the right tools for your business or blog is very crucial.


This is because there are 1000's of them on the internet. It's difficult to choose which is the best.

Don't worry!

Here are the best tools you can use to make your life better.

DISCLAIMER : Some links might be affiliate links This means when you buy something through the link, I get a small commission (this commission comes at no additional cost to you).

Must Have Tools (Highly Recommended)

Here are some tools we use at a regular basis to build blogs and for clients too. Hopefully this can help you too and for your online business.

NameCheap ($10.69/.com domain/year with free private whois)

Want to buy a Domain?
Then you can't go wrong with NameCheap. The price and the support is quite amazing. Domains = NameCheap 🙂 I use it everytime and you can't go wrong.

Thrive Membership ($25/month paid quarterly)

Thrive Products is what I recommend to all my readers. It has a great suite of tools like tools for Lead Generation or for building beautiful Landing Pages. My personal favourite being Thrive Architect. At just 25$ for so many tools, its a no brainer to buy it.

A blogger or Internet Marketer can't live without Ahrefs. Can someone? 
Ahrefs can do everything from Backlinks Reasearch to Keyword Analysis. It's the best marketing tool I have ever used.

WordPress Themes 

For BlogRags, I have used Thrive Themes (Focus). They have some great collection of themes. My favorite is Focus Blog Theme.

This is the best free theme I have used. Its quite light theme that I recommend for anyone who is starting out. You can opt for the premium version at a quite affordable price.

WordPress Plugins

This is the best plugin I have ever used. You can really create any page or website from ground using this plugin. Read out full Thrive Architect Review to know more.

This is the first plugin I install on any website. This is very essential for On-Page optimisation. It is a life saver 🙂 


You must be knowing how important is Email Marketing. With SumoMe you can easily start capturing Email.

Migrating to a different hosting provider. I know how hard its to move your website. But using Duplicator you can easily migrate your site using few simple steps.

Trouble managing affiliate links. Use Pretty Links to cloak your affiliate links. You can make changes in one click and it will apply to all the links. Its removes the hassle of changing every links and using this plugin you monitor the stats as well.

Fed Up of Spam!
I know the number of spam comments WordPress blogs get. Use Akismet, it does a great job in monitoring the comments.

ProProfs Live Chat Plugin is a simple and effective WordPress plugin that  helps you resolve website visitors queries instantly. This plugin helps you attend to their queries in real time and provide them the best onsite customer experience.

Essential Tools

Want to create Email Campaigns with Auto-Follow ups?
Look no further, Gmass is the service you should be using. Using the free version you can send 50 mails per day.

SEOToolr has a stack of 20+ Free SEO tools for bloggers, marketers and small businesses that want help in analysing and improving the search engine performance of their website. 

I picked up this deal at AppSumo. I have test with few campaigns and I must say Lemlist is good for anyone who is starting with Email Outreach.

Headlines are super important!
I can't emphasize more. Using this tool you can easily check and split test between different Headlines. 
The nice part, its free 🙂 

Looking for free stock images.
Checkout Pexels! They have a large collection of free Images.

Planning to run a Guestographic campaign.
If you are looking to create an Infographic for your self, I would recommend Piktochart even with the free templates you can create some awesome infographics for your site.

Want to beautiful looking featured Images? Or a Graph or an ebook?
Canva is the tool you should look forward too. Its amazing.

Trouble in managing so many social media platforms. Buffer is an easy solution. You can add up to 3 accounts. 

Its a great toot to send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand.

A great alternative to MailChimp. 

Google Drive is a life saver. Every blogger should use Google Drive, it's f**king amazing. 

I write all my articles on Google Docs. Its quite useful especially the Share feature and it let's me concentrate. With Grammarly extension now , its the best option to write.

Be it tracking anything, Prospects, Bills or Expenses,  Google Sheets helps me a lot. With APIs and other functions using Sheets you can do miracles. 

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