What are Newbie Bloggers doing Wrong? My Honest Opinion

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Today’s blog topic is a serious one. It deals with the mistakes all the new bloggers do after starting blogging.

I’m no pro to be talking on this. But having made all those mistakes and because I have been around the blogging sphere for a while now I don’t want others to repeat them too.


#1. ​Niche - Choose it Wisely

The niche is a crucial part of a blog. It is important in deciding the longevity of any blog. Be it related to technology or health it sets the fate of your blogging career.

The sad part is I see most bloggers going for a very broad niche. The web is growing each day, and people are now looking for only for the best. The thing to understand here is that people won’t read your blog when they have a website such as CNET as an alternative.

I see most Indian Bloggers building a blog on Technology. On top of this, they mix the niche up with offers and by bring in the blogging niche on the same website. So you find a mobile review, a Flipkart offer and how to setup a WordPress site under the same blog.

An example of the common niche mistake

This needs to stop. You are just wasting your money and most importantly your precious time doing this. Blogging has been hyped up in the later years. This doesn’t give you the authority to blog about anything under the sun.

These blogs may receive a lot of traffic, but you want to be able to earn out of it.


Try to choose a micro niche. There is no problem in blogging about technology. But you need to understand that there is already big billion dollar sites blogging about the same. You need to search and go and find a sub-topic and start blogging about the same.

An example of a micro-niche website 

Try not to blog that the whole industry is following. There are millions of topic to blog on. Don’t worry about monetary benefits first.

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Read the most common mistakes new bloggers make. #blogging #mistakes

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Read the video to know more about the "Common Blogging Mistakes" 🙂

#2. Domain Name and the Hype around it

I see a lot of hype around choosing a Domain Name. People are so foolish that they think buying a domain name such as CnetBeta and WhatsAppStatus will make them a millionaire overnight.

There are chances you will get the initial traffic due to the brand. And the next day you will get mail from the brand telling to stop blogging under the domain and guess what all your months of hard work are gone.

A common mistake

The important thing here is to understand that you need to create value to your blog first and not worry about the domain name. I know the importance of branding, and I don’t deny it. But as a newbie don’t try copying someone’s domain name by choosing a different domain extension.

Choose your own unique domain name.

Don’t choose a domain such as shoutmeloud.org or a bloggingcage.in and hope to get success overnight. Shoutmeloud is a 12-year-old website, and you think that choosing his brand name will give you the desired attention.

I know it is hard to find a good brandable name today. I understand this. But once you get the success you can buy an expired or a premium domain for branding.

A real life example is of that is SmartBlogger previously known as BoostBlogTraffic.

#3. Copycats Everywhere

You know what I'm sad about. Bloggers who come into blogging only for  monetary benefits and also don't want to work.

They think that magically everything will happen for them. I wish it were so.

So what they only do is they ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste. How sweet? 

I wish blogging were so easy. Blogging is more than just copy and paste. Google is becoming smarter each day.

Source- Grammarly

Copying each and every word from other bloggers hard work is so gross. I truly understand that as newbie bloggers need a path or a strategy to follow. It is totally fine if you read a bunch of blogs and use their idea.

At the early stage, every blogger has no clue where to start but eventually they do learn to manage everything themselves.

But please don’t copy. Don’t think if you are copying from 10 different sources you are fine. Any type of plagiarism can ruin your blog, and it even can get it penalised.

Read the most common mistakes new bloggers make. #blogging #mistakes

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#4. Insufficient Content

I see most blogger’s posts containing only 300-400 words. Trust me you would want at least 1000 words in each of your blog posts.

Google wants only the best on the top. It is very important to produce high-quality content. Forget about the quantity.

Average Content Length - SerpIQ

Plan out a big detailed content is rather creating it part by part. This will have a greater impact. Make sure you cover each part of the post so that the reader doesn’t have to visit other blogs to gain information about some other part you missed.

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People are paying as high a 200$ for a post. This clearly shows the importance of content in blogging.

“You words have the power to change. Use it to the full potential” - Quote by Himanshu :p

Read the most common mistakes new bloggers make. #blogging #mistakes

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#5. Waiting for the Secret Mantra

Are you waiting for the secret mantra or trick? Are you hoping that it will help you become a great blogger?

Please quit blogging then. Sadly there is no secret trick or method in blogging. Courses and Seminars which promise you to the same is a hoax.

Save your money and do something fruitful.

I can’t tell you how much months I have spent just asking in groups and contacting other bloggers to know their secret strategies. I only realised later that there is nothing such as shortcut in blogging.

Growing a blog is very natural and time taking process. It is same as nurturing a plant or taking care of a newborn baby.

Source - SearchQuotes

I see most kids spending numerous hours in asking other bloggers their secret sauce for success. Even if a blogger tells you that he has a secret method of earning quick money then he is lying. Even if you earning a 1000$ quickly, it doesn’t make a difference in your blogging career. Isn't it true?

Bloggers are looking for longevity. This is the only reason they spend so much time is increasing their brand value and importance by helping their readers.

Don’t wait for a special day. Start Today. It is okay if you make mistakes.

Your dreams will be only dreams if you don’t start working on it. You might fail but trust me you will eventually succeed in living your dreams.

#6. Quitting Early

According to a data most bloggers quit blogging in their first 3 months of blogging without earning a dime.

Isn’t that sad?

What if they tried a bit longer?

There is certainly a high probability that a small chunk of those bloggers might have go on to build something big.

What is Sachin Tendulkar thought the same and quit at a very early stage?

As I mentioned before , Blogging is a very natural thing? You can’t speed it up. A blog might grow in 2 months or in a year. There is fixed time or a prediction software which will predict and tell you the same.

Do you know why bloggers quit early?

The obvious answer is money. I have myself started more than 7 blogs before starting this one and I know the many times I gave up on many blogs. Most bloggers have a notion that blogging is very easy and has a lot of money in it.

This is the reason they quit blogging is less than 3 months. Many Pro Indian bloggers worked on their blogs for more than a year before earning their first dollar. It is all about how true you are to your work.

Please stick around if you are a new blogger. You don’t know What is in store for you in the future.

A tweet from MKBHD

If you know Marques Brownlee from MKBD who has currently around 3+ million subscribers on YouTube. There was a time he had only 100 subscribers even after uploading 100+ videos. Most people would have lost hope from there, but his love for making videos took him where he is now.

He is named as World's Best Tech Reviewer.​

Read the most common mistakes new bloggers make. #blogging #mistakes

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#7. Starting Early

From quitting early to starting early.

There is no right time to start blogging. Though I started blogging very early and learned all lot from my mistakes. But it doesn’t mean that each individual needs to do the same.

Blogging is evolving each day. So it is impossible for anybody to know everything. My point here is before starting a blog try to learn the basics first.

Talk to other bloggers to know exactly if blogging is for you or not. I will mention some key areas you need to focus and gain knowledge about before starting your blog.

  • Content Writing - Content is the most important entity of any blog. This is because your content represents your blog and it acts as a medium between you and your readers.
  • SEO - Blogging is becoming competitive so you need to focus on SEO as well. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. You need to learn both On-Page SEO and Off- Page SEO to be always in control.
  • Promoting Content - You need to know what are the channels you will promote your post at the initial stage. Organic traffic takes time to generate.

#8. Focusing on Unnecessary Things

I see many bloggers wasting time on things which are just useless at that stage. These are things like themes, plugins and other crap like CDN etc.

Please don’t worry about these at the starting stage. You will have enough time later to figure out these.

If a theme is mobile friendly it is more than good. If your blog succeeds you will have a lot of time and money to figure out the right theme for your blog.

I see many bloggers looking for themes of bigger blogs. Do you think that theme is what bringing them visitors? No! It is the value that they have provided to their readers in the past that people are visiting them each day.

Stop worrying about these things and start working on things that really matter. 

Note:-Don’t change your blog theme often. It has a bad effect on the readers.

Read the most common mistakes new bloggers make. #blogging #mistakes

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#9. Building the Wrong Links

Building good links is very important for growth of any blog.

I will explain this by an example.

Meet Mr.A. He is a new blogger who has just started his blog a few months back. He writes very well and abides from all the points mentioned above.

But his blog is not growing.

Do you know the reason?

This is because Mr.A follows the pray and hope approach. He hopes that writing good content will automatically make his links and he will also receive a flood of visitors because of the same.

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For links, he only comments on other blogs and hopes to gain authority by doing it. Commenting on other blogs won’t help a bit to grow your blog. You need to take up other Link Building Techniques. These are like -

  1. Guestographics

  2. The Skyscraper Technique

  3. Guest Blogging

  4. Roundup Posts

  5. Broken Link Building

So don’t be like Mr.A. If you follow him then you will eventually end up quitting blogging later.

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#10. Low Accessibility

Here’s a surefire tip to grow your blog – improve its web accessibility. A low accessibility is bad for both traffic and search engine rankings. You want to make your blog as accessible as possible to people of different ages, disabilities, bandwidth limitations, devices, as well as users from anonymous IP addresses.

Re-coding your blog or creating new assets for old content might be a pain in the ass, so you’ll want to think about which accessibility feature is the most important to you. As of 2017, 80% of Alexa’s top websites were mobile-friendly, so adaptability might be a good place to start. Make sure your content adapts to most screens by creating at least a desktop and a mobile version of it. Once you have this major traffic blockade lifted, try pushing through the following checklist one at a time.

Things to do to improve web accessibility:

- Caption your multimedia and create text alternative for visuals
- Create audio recordings for texts
- Make texts and images resizable
- Make interface operable from just the keyboard
- Organize content for easy orientation and navigation
- Allow access from VPN and proxy users

Once you’ve taken the steps to revamp your website, evaluate your content’s accessibility by changing your browser setting, turning on the audio function, and accessing your site from a different VPN server location. You’ll then see your blog slowly climb in organic traffic and search engine results!

I hope you liked the post. I think it is very useful for any newbie blogger to know exactly what he should do at the beginning.

Do you know about any other mistakes bloggers make? Please share your views below.

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Have a great weekend. Please share this post to make newbie bloggers realise their mistakes.


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21 thoughts on “What are Newbie Bloggers doing Wrong? My Honest Opinion”

  1. Hi Himanshu,
    Great article bro. I really like your writing. You describe everything in detail. Here you picked up all the correct mistakes that most of the beginners make. I think #1 and #6 are the two very common. Every newbie blogger make a mistake of choosing the wrong niche. If one can know his passion and choose a niche on that topic I think he had all the chances of getting success.
    Anyway great article and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Himanshu,

    Really loved reading your article you have covered some of the major mistakes that every blog do in starting. I personally think that top 4 are the major mistakes that every newbie blogger should try to avoid and focus on getting thinks correctly setup.

    Thanks for this awesome article. Looking forward for get some more articles like this from your side 🙂

  3. Hey Himanshu,

    Awesome post once again. You have brought some real mistakes done by newbie bloggers. I also did few of them. The one I loved is ‘waiting for the secret mantra’. That is funny but truth 😀

    Many newbie blogger think that there is some secret which the successful bloggers never share. I also tried to reach a lot of influencers to know their secret of success. But after spending almost a year in blogging sphere, I got to know the only secret is that their is no secret for success. All you have to do is focus on writing compelling and actionable content and more hardwork in promoting the same.

    Thanks for sharing the great content. It would help many bloggers like me to know where they are lacking.


  4. Hey!

    I’m so glad I got to know about your blog. Very insightful for a blogger like me.

    I landed to your post here from facebook, and I have to say it’s awesome. Although I knew about all these points priorly, I get to get more reasons why I should persis. Its hard to keep being motivated, and your post helped me to be so.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Karim Toulba

  5. So many people are taking up blogging these days. Do you still think that there’s a place for newbies? I mean by the time we’ll understand and grow there will be no money left on the table for us to earn

  6. I bought hinditechhub domain name but after that i saw a techhub.com brand.
    Is it good to continue with it or should i drop that domain name.
    Reply plz

  7. Great Article!

    I have some questions.

    Q.1) Do you use “SEO by Yoast” or “All in One SEO” plugin?

    A.2) Do you use Single Keyword or Multiple Keywords for your blog posts?

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